Baker Perkins

Baker Perkins


Baker Perkins dough mixing and dough forming systems for high-output tin and pan bread plant bakeries are designed in collaboration with bakers to maximize quality and minimize cost. Gentle dough handling arising from innovative design, combined with the latest control technology, produces bread at new levels of consistency and excellence. This generation of machinery is the result of continual collaboration with bakers, backed by Baker Perkins’ process knowledge based on a century of involvement with the industry. Gentle treatment is identified by bakery industry research into dough rheology to be a significant contributor to superior product excellence and value. Throughout the world, experience in tough production environments shows that the objectives of improved consistent quality, reduced ingredient costs and a clean label can all be achieved simultaneously.

Cereal, Snack & Ingredients

Baker Perkins twin-screw extrusion technology for cereal, snack and ingredient production is at the heart of versatile systems producing a wide range of high-quality products. Flexible systems start with the Baker Perkins SBX Master extruder to which are added machines for forming, cutting and co-extrusion, depending on the product. We can also supply downstream equipment for drying and coating. 
For the breakfast cereal industry, Baker Perkins also supplies complete systems and unit machines for the production of granola and traditional steam-cooked cereal breakfast cereals. These are combined with the process knowledge and engineering expertise to build them into reliable and flexible high-output systems. All Baker Perkins extrusion and cereal lines can be progressively expanded to add capacity and end-product capability by incorporating additional units.