Alianza Team

Alianza Team

Alianza Team is an expert company in the development of technologies in lipids, fats, and oils with more than 75 years of experience and presence in the United States, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico.

Grounded in science and expert knowledge, we develop solutions for multiple product categories such as bakery, beverages and functionals, high-oleic, plant-based, infant formula, chocolates, and pet food. Thanks to our focus on
developing tailor-made solutions, we have impacted more than 200 brands in the Americas, obtaining results in cost-efficiency, performance, flavor, texture, and more.

Our DNA is made up of a deep passion for innovation, adaptation, continuous research, and sustainability. According to the S&P Corporate Sustainability Assessment 2022 results, the basis for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, we are the 21st most sustainable food company in the world and the 6th in the United States.

We've got shortenings for bakery, and technologies that can boost snack production, and we have a flexible supply that adjusts to your needs. Plus, we take a maximum of 24 hours to bring our product to your plant.

Contact us to enhance the value of your brand and Nurture a Better Tomorrow!

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