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Reliable consistency is such sweet success

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When consumers purchase sweet baked goods, they are indulging in treats that they expect will be delicious. Ensuring the quality of sweet baked goods can be a challenge—from the consistency to the handling and storage stability. Additionally, the FDA has mandated that all partially hydrogenated oils be removed from foods by June 2018.

That's why the experts at Corbion specially created their newest emulsifier portfolio, SweetProTM​ — designed to protect the consistency, improve the handling and increase the storage stability in finished products. Additionally, it gives bakers the solution they need to eliminate partially hydrogenated oils and reduce saturated fats in their sweet baked goods.

Consistency equals confidence
Among the challenges bakers face when developing successful sweet baked goods is ensuring the quality throughout the products' shelf lives. Corbion's line of SweetProTM​ products helps boost the tolerance against numerous production and distribution variables so that you can remain confident in delivering sweet baked goods with the same tastes and textures all year long with less waste and less hassle.

Special treats deserve special ingredients
Corbion has products in its SweetProTM​ portfolio to suit all of your application and formulation needs. Our team of industry-leading experts will partner with you to find the right solution.

  • SweetProTM​ S100
    • A bulk liquid designed for high-ratio cakes, jelly rolls, pound cakes, and pudding and cream cakes, which can be incorporated into a fat system to deliver aeration, structure and tolerance to cake systems.
  • SweetProTM​ V100
    • A votated paste designed for a variety of applications such as high-ratio cakes, jelly rolls and pound cakes. SweetPro V100 is easy to apply for improved aeration, batter stability, grain improvement and overall tolerance. SweetProTM​ V100 also maintains taste and texture in reduced-fat sweet goods.
  • SweetProTM​ P100
    • A powder designed for easy use in high-ratio cakes, jelly rolls, pound cakes, and pudding and crème cakes to help improve aeration, batter stability, grain improvement and overall tolerance of sweet baked goods.

Indulge with us
Corbion's industry-leading experts have applied their extensive knowledge and years of experience into the development of SweetProTM​, creating a portfolio of non-PHO emulsifier systems that address the needs of bakery manufacturers across a variety of products. Whether you need to keep your layer cakes fluffy and moist, or you're looking to enhance the whip-ability and foam stability of batter systems and dry mixes, our knowledgeable team will work side by side with you to find the perfect SweetProTM​ product to help you meet your needs. Indulge with our team and put our experts to the test, and see how our thinking can help you boost product performance and make your sweet baked goods something every consumer will crave.

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