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Gluten free bakery potential for Solanic’s potato protein isolates after SA GRAS approval

1 commentBy Oliver Nieburg , 23-Mar-2012
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Gluten free bakery potential for Solanic’s potato protein isolates after SA GRAS approval

Dutch ingredients firm Solanic has achieved self-affirmed generally recognised as safe status (SA GRAS) in the US for its natural potato protein isolates and claims the protein can help manufacturers achieve better quality gluten free bread.

The protein has applications in gluten-free bakery, confectionery, sports nutrition and as a meat free analogue.

The ingredient has been approved in the US at usage levels between 0.01 to 10%

Issues with gluten-free breads spoke to Paul Hart, Solanic manager for gluten free, about the potential for the proteins in gluten free bakery.

“Many gluten free products have low volume. They tend to be and stale quickly and don’t have the right softness straight out of the oven,” he said.

Solanic had analysed gluten free breads from leading manufacturers in Europe, the US and offerings available on prescription.

They found that industrial gluten free breads staled quickly and did not give adequate softness. While pharmacy breads kept for longer, these products were too dissimilar from wheat bread, said Hart.

Benefits of potato protein isolates

According to Hart, formulating with functional proteins is uncommon within the industry, but potato protein isolates have the potential to address some manufacturing issues.

“It [the protein] gives a very fine cell distribution in the bread crumb and looks much more like a wheat bread,” he said.

He added that formulating with the protein could bring a 7-day shelf life and produce a better colour and shape.

Solanic also claims the protein’s balanced amino acid composition can boost nutritional profile and offer superior emulsifying, foaming and gelling properties.

The company added that the protein was clean-label and could substitute high-value animal proteins like caseinate, whey protein isolate and egg yolk.

Developing gluten-free bread prototype

Solanic’s potato protein isolates have been on the EU market since 2008 and in the US since 2009.

Solanic are working towards developing a gluten free bread prototype, which will address common problems with gluten free products such as staling and softness. A prototype is expected by October this year.

Hart said that developing a bread prototype would be the biggest challenge, and would give Solanic a basis to develop cake systems thereafter.

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Very interested in your information about the developments of GF bakery products. I am personally GF but also a consultant to the Bakery Industry and am keen to be at the forefront of knew knowledge on development.

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