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Increased operational efficiency with new multi-way bakery tray

By Kacey Culliney , 22-Nov-2012
Last updated on 22-Nov-2012 at 18:31 GMT2012-11-22T18:31:04Z

Distribution and storage efficiency maximized with new bakery tray

Distribution and storage efficiency maximized with new bakery tray

Packaging and distribution specialist Orbis has filed a patent for a multi-way bakery storage and distribution tray that it says ensures increased efficiency.

The US firm has designed a stackable bakery tray that works in three or four orientations with three clearance heights.

It said its present invention enabled storage and transportation flexibility for bakery firms and also enables efficiency in transportation because companies can maximize volumes.

“Due to the high volume of trays needed, it is important to make such trays as efficient as possible,” Orbis said.

Ease and flexibility

The firm noted that other trays allow for stacking at three different clearance height levels but use a moveable bar or component to engage a second tray. These moveable parts, it said, require additional assembly both during manufacture and handling.

This invention does not rely on moveable parts but instead incorporated stacking structures, which it said, reduces the cost and time to manufacture such trays and set up required, it said. “Additionally, such trays do not have any other problems associated with moving parts, for example repair or part replacement,” it said.

Orbis said that in practice, the trays can be stacked manually or by using stacking machinery. It also advised that the stacking features are molded directly onto the trays.

Patent application

The patent was filed under The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), an international patent law treaty that allows a uniform patent to be considered by signatory national or regional authorities.

National and regional authorities that are signatories to the PCT will now decide whether or not to grant the patent.

For more detailed information on Orbis’ bakery tray, see its patent application here .

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