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Partnership ramps up plant-based packaging

By Jenni Spinner+

Last updated on 05-Jun-2014 at 13:47 GMT2014-06-05T13:47:19Z

Solegear Bioplastics is partnering with r-pac International to produce and distribute bio-based plastic packaging.
Solegear Bioplastics is partnering with r-pac International to produce and distribute bio-based plastic packaging.

Solegear Bioplastics has sealed a deal with r-pac International to speed production, sales, and distribution of its plant-based plastic packaging.

Solegear produces Polysole and Traverse bio-based packaging materials. Polysole consists of a polyactic acid (PLA) base polymer blended with natural additives, whereas Traverse is a biocomposite of biomass fibers and conventional plastics.

r-pac manufacturers rigid packaging for food, beverage, and other markets. Michael Teitelbaum, r-pac CEO, told FoodProductionDaily Solegear’s plant-based materials and r-pac's packaging capabilities are a good fit.

Solegear’s plant-based plastic packaging executes seamlessly with r-pac’s rigid plastic manufacturing capabilities,” he said. “When it comes to creating solutions for our customers, the stakes are always very high and the challenges are compelling, so we choose our partners very carefully.”

Sustainability surge

Toby Reid, CEO of Solegear, said joining forces with r-pac will enable the materials firm to reach a broader base of food and beverage customers, and others.

This agreement sets the stage to further broaden Solegear’s vision: providing a better performing and more sustainable alternative for rigid packaging solutions on a global basis,” he said.

Solegear developed its bioplastic materials for rigid consumer packaging through collaboration with a number of Canadian research outfits, such as the National Research Council of Canada. The agreement holds the two firms will work together to sell and market the packaging products; r-pac will start offering Polysole and Traverse packaging immediately.
It has been a pleasure developing our relationship with r-pac," Reid said. "Their expertise in packaging design, production, sales and retail support is first-rate."
The terms of the agreement between Solegear and r-pac were not disclosed.

r-pac produces consumer packaging for Target, Walmart, and other international brands. Solegear is a Canada-based material development firm specializing in bioplastics for packaging, electronics, toys, and other consumer applications.

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