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Cars made from Ketchup tomatoes: Heinz and Ford

By Rachel Arthur+

Last updated on 11-Jun-2014 at 12:45 GMT2014-06-11T12:45:47Z

Could tomato waste from Ketchup production make parts for Ford cars?
Could tomato waste from Ketchup production make parts for Ford cars?

Tomato skins, a by-product of H.J. Heinz’ Ketchup production, could be used to make material for Ford cars. 

Researchers at the two companies are investigating how tomato fibers can make sustainable, compostable materials for use in vehicle manufacturing, such as wiring brackets or the storage bin drivers use to hold coins.

Michael Mullen, senior vice president corporate and government affairs, Heinz, said, “In our mutual search for ways to develop 100% plant-based plastics for everything from packaging to fabrics, scientists at Heinz and Ford Motor Company are exploring the use of tomato skins to make more sustainable automotive components.

“The technology looks promising.”

Heinz uses more than two million tons of tomatoes every year to make Ketchup.

The development of a sustainable composite could reduce the use of petrochemicals in manufacturing, and reduce the impact of vehicles on the environment, according to Ford. 

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