Australian plant-based snack producer riding high on COVID-driven healthy snacking trend

By Gill Hyslop

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Livwell's snacks contact 500 million CFU Active Probiotics in each 30g pack. Pic: Livwell Emporium
Livwell's snacks contact 500 million CFU Active Probiotics in each 30g pack. Pic: Livwell Emporium

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Victoria-based Livwell Emporium has reported ‘substantial growth’ in the healthy snack segment in Australia.

Like consumers around the globe, Australians are reaching out for comforting snacks to cope with the increased stress presented by the pandemic and its challenges.

The family-owned Australian health food company reported an increase in sales of over 80% over the past six months, fuelling its drive to develop even more wholefood snacks to meet the growing consumer shift towards healthier options.

The Australian snacker

Even before the lockdown, the snackification movement was thriving in Australia.

According to research giant Roy Morgan, 60% of the nation are considered ‘heavy’ or ‘medium’ snackers and packaged snacks are consumed at least once a week by nine in 10 adults.

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A more recent survey to analyse the purchasing habits of Australian consumers at the outbreak of the pandemic – conducted between March and May 2020 – found the uncertainty surrounding COVID certainly fuelled the behaviour, with the most popular items being Savoury Snacks eaten by 66% of Australians, followed by Healthy Snacks (54.7%), which has also seen the biggest increase in sales, accounting for  54.7% of all packaged snack sales.

Livewell Emporium – with its range of vegan baked, roasted and popped (not friend) snacks produced from all natural plant-based ingredients – is in a prime spot to capitalise on the skew towards healthier options.

The Seaford-based company has experienced significant increases in demand for their products since its foundation in February 2016.

“As the frequency of snacking has increased and interest in veganism has gained momentum, so too has the demand for healthier, plant based snacking options,” ​said Craig.

New launches

The company has introduced several new offerings this year, all of which are quickly gaining traction among its loyal base of consumers, along with a wider distribution.

It rolled out Buckweaves, a baked snack that puts buckwheat front and forward, along with Mini Pops, a popped snack made from air-puffed wholegrain Australian sorghum, which looks like miniature popcorn. According to Livwell, the Mini Pops will appeal to consumers as, unlike popcorn, they won’t get stuck in your teeth.

Other snacks in its lineup include Pro Balls (containing over 18% protein), convenient Pro Bites (17.5% protein) and Crunchypops, made from roasted soya beans (42% protein), simply flavoured with Sea Salt and BBQ spices with no artificial flavourings or colours.

The vegan snacks all contain 500 million CFU Active Probiotics in each 30g pack, plus added calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Livwell Emporium's mission is to educate consumers, simplify the need to read labels and promote healthier lifestyles from sharing better food options.

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