GoodMills Innovation launches immunity-boosting blend for ‘indulgent baked goods with benefits’

By Gill Hyslop

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GoodMills Innovation's GOOD Fibres 10+1 adds immune-boosting properties to baked goods. Pic: GoodMills Innovation
GoodMills Innovation's GOOD Fibres 10+1 adds immune-boosting properties to baked goods. Pic: GoodMills Innovation

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GoodMills Innovation has developed a novel component that contains a superfood and dietary fibres from 10 different sources, which adds immunity-boosting benefits – particularly prevalent in these pandemic ravaged times – to baked goods.

According to Jutta Schock, head of Marketing at GoodMills Innovation, until recently, a strong immune system was a topic mainly relegated to the winter cold and flu season.

Today, however, there is more focus on its importance across all seasons and across all generations.

A vigorous disease-fight system is also vital in this age of coronavirus.

Healthy immune system

To respond to demand, GoodMills Innovation has developed GOOD Fibres 10+1.

The mix consists of dietary fibres from 10 different sources, including cereals, vegetables and fruits, which provide valuable food for the body’s intestinal flora and thereby play a key role in supporting a healthy immune system.

The high-fibre mix also enhances its better-for-you proposition with the addition of wheat germ, an original superfood that provides nutrients like folic acid and vitamin E and spermidine, a substance produced naturally in the body to stimulate autophagy, a type of ‘cell recycling’.

Besides dietary fibre, the mix’s components contain other valuable nutrients. For example, tartary buckwheat is rich in zinc and the secondary phytochemical rutin, giving it antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

According to the German ingredients supplier, under EU regulations, baked products containing GOOD Fibres 10+1 are entitled to feature immune system and intestinal health claims, when used in sufficient doses.

The ingredient also scores high when it comes to dough yield, dough and processing properties, and baking volume. The water-binding properties of its dietary fibres translate into prolonged freshness, and from sensory viewpoint, the wheatgerm and 10 dietary fibre sources add to the flavour profile.

The blend is suitable for an array of different baked goods, including bread, rolls, sandwich buns, Danish pastries and croissants.

“GOOD Fibres 10+1 makes it easy for the baking industry to respond to current consumer demands with tasty, health-boosting products,”​ said Schock.

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