Campaign highlights nutritional and flavourful benefits of freeze dried fruit

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Chocolate, Banana and Rapberry Muffins with Lio Licious Whole Raspberry Pieces. Pic: Lio Licious
Chocolate, Banana and Rapberry Muffins with Lio Licious Whole Raspberry Pieces. Pic: Lio Licious

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Freeze dried ingredient supplier European Freeze has launched a campaign to inform British bakers of the benefits of the alternatives to fresh fruit.

According to the UK company, its Lio Licious range of freeze dried replacements such as strawberries, raspberries and apples are long-shelf life options that are simpler and quicker to use.

The more concentrated flavours in freeze dried ingredients also mean bakers only need to use a small amount to replicate the same flavour as fresh fruit, thus reducing food waste.

The company is also supplying a range of recipes where bakers swap in freeze dried alternatives, including chocolate apple brownies and caramelised onion scones.

“Freeze dried ingredients make baking quicker, simpler and ensure your creations don’t spoil when the fruit turns,”​ said Atiyya Tailor, brand manager at Lio Licious.

“By having freeze dried ingredients in a baker’s cupboard means you are always ready to give your creations a colourful and fruity kick.

“Freeze dried ingredients retain the same natural qualities and flavours as fresh fruit but with the water removed to make them last longer. The ingredients retain the same great flavours and nutritional value as the originals.

“Freeze dried raspberries keep the same zingy taste, while freeze dried olives can transform your bakes and meals with a real Mediterranean twist.”

Freeze drying retains the natural goodness of the product and offers great shelf stability (up to four years if stored correctly) without the need for additional preservatives, sugars or fats. Freeze drying is a very gentle process which removes virtually all the water from foods while retaining the structure, flavour and the nutrition of the fresh ingredient.

The Lio Licious range – which includes a variety of fruits, as well as freeze dried cheeses and savoury ingredients like grilled mixed peppers and caramelised red onion – is available as whole fruit pieces or powders that can be mixed into bakes or used as decoration toppers.

Due to their unaltered state, the ingredients can also count towards the recommended daily intake of five fruit and vegetables.

Products are manufactured in the company’s factories in Preston in the UK and Kirke Hyllinge in Denmark for the UK and European markets.

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