Organic potato and veggie chips startup Chipsbox goes entirely green

By Gill Hyslop

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German organic potato and veggie chip snack producer Chipsbox has swapped out its plastic packaging for a biodegradable option to further cement its sustainable and natural stance.

According to founder and MD Erol Kaynak, Chipsbox is the only brand of potato chips in Germany to have made the switch from plastic to biodegradable packaging.

The two-year-old snack startup was again showcasing its air-dried potato, fruit and vegetable chips at ISM/ProSweets, held in Cologne, Germany, at the beginning of February.

Last year, the brand bagged a coveted spot amongst the top three innovations in the ISM New Product Showcase for its novel snack combos that are air-dried, not fried.

Chipsbox was created when Kaynak pooled his knowledge as an investment banker with his wife’s expertise as a food technologist and nutritionist to develop great tasting chips that are also 100% healthy.

Aligned with growing consumer demand for healthier snacks, there has been an explosion of vegetable chips on the market. However, Kaynak told BakeryandSnacks the common belief that vegetable chips are entirely healthy is incorrect.

“About 95% of the vegetable chips available on the market today have been deep-fried, which gives them the same fat level as fried potato chips,”​ he contended.

“However, our chips are dehydrated, not fried.

“Yes, that means we fall into a very niche market, but it’s one that’s growing and becoming more important,”​ he added.

Quick off the mark

“As a small company, we are more flexible to take up the challenge to innovate compared to larger snack companies. We also have the ability to bring new products to market much faster and facilitate development more quickly.”

However, Kaynak noted being an organic company positioned as a premium brand does come with challenges.

“It is important for us to retain our core mission of being a sustainable, organic, natural and vegan brand, but we also want to be seen as a premium brand,”​ he said.

However, he believes Chipsbox has achieved this, particularly with its dramatic yet stylish packaging that stands out among other chip products.

The Chipsbox brand is acknowledged to pop on shelf with its intense black boxes featuring bold graphics and visuals in primary colors. The added advantage now is the elimination of plastic.

“We love the environment and wanted to show this through our product, too,”​ said Kaynak.

“Our bio-based chip bags are made from 100% renewable raw materials.”

Chipbox is currently available in five variants, including paprika potato chips with sweet peppers; potatoes and curried pineapple pieces; brandy vinegar potato and carrot chips; air-dried tomatoes and basil potato chips; and a pure veggie combo of air-dried beetroot, pepper and carrot chips.

According to Kaynak, the company has stepped up its export program to supply the Swiss, Austrian, Scandinavian and UAE markets, and is currently in development to expand its portfolio to include organic nuts and popcorn SKUs.

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