Oxifree anti-corrosion resin becomes official supplier for Kellogg’s UK

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Oxifree anti-corrosion resin supplier for Kellogg’s UK

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Following successful pilot projects with Kellogg’s, Meadow Vale Foods and food processors ABP, Oxifree anti-corrosion resin has signed an agreement as the official supplier for Kellogg’s UK.

Already authorised for use by the Halal food authority, the protective resin prevents moisture and dust ingress on food machinery metallic components and moving parts.

Low VOC content

Oxifree 1

Richard Woodward, operations manager, Oxifree UK, told FoodProductionDaily, the key difference between Oxifree and traditional coatings is that it is reusable and, because of its low VOC (volatile organic compound) content (0.05%), the material has no adverse ecological or environmental impact.

“Oxifree was successfully used as a remedy for moisture ingress during a pilot project with Kellogg’s in 2014,” he said. 

Following this, the Oxifree system (Oxifree TM198) was approved by Kellogg’s as a certified protective coating to prevent corrosion to metallic components in the processing plant​.

The coating system has been used extensively across the mining, utilities and oil and gas industries for nine years and has been proven to make considerable savings in stopping and preventing corrosion to vital components, which are costly to replace​.

The bulk of the savings come from replacing corroded parts, or parts damaged by foreign body ingress. Consider a £500 motor that needs replacing every three months –if we apply a £75 coating to it, the average life increase is 500%. Therefore, this one-off £75 expense saves £2,425 on equipment alone plus the downtime caused​.

Valves, bearings and motor and gearboxes

The motor can then run for 15 months without the need for change. These figures are the same for all life extension of complex structures, valves, bearings and motor and gearboxes​.”

Woodward added the coating system is applied via a patented melting hopper and pump system.

The solid resin is melted to 160 ​C in the Polymelt units then pumped along a 15 metre heated hose to be applied as a single liquefied jet onto the surface to be protected.

The coating cools on impact and the component is ready to be returned to live operation within five minutes of application.  

It prevents the ingress of foreign particles and ensures a uniform depth of material. Oxifree encapsulates the component to provide an impenetrable cocoon within which inherent natural oils provide a barrier to further corrosion of the surfaces. 

The Oxifree system is applied in one jet, ensuring there is no “overspray” and no wastage​,” said Woodward.

Piping that runs through floor and ceilings

The single stream of liquid can penetrate complex structures and shapes to give a complete and consistent coverage​.

It can be used on all metallic components, including moving and non-rotating parts and it has been extensively used on roller bearings in conveyer systems, motors, gearboxes, flanges and valves across the mining, utilities and oil and gas industries​.

It has been used to coat electrical connections, to prevent water/moisture ingress, and piping that runs through floor and ceilings to different levels​.”

Woodward said the company is offering live demonsrations to manufacturers interested in the product.

We plan to demonstrate the benefits of Oxifree to more food producers so that they can see the savings it could make. We are in discussions with a number of manufacturers and plan further trials throughout 2015​,” he added.

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