BakeryandSnacks: What’s on our 2014 editorial calendar?

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BakeryandSnacks has some hot editorial topics lined up for 2014 tracking trends and innovations across the global bakery, snack and cereal sector
BakeryandSnacks has some hot editorial topics lined up for 2014 tracking trends and innovations across the global bakery, snack and cereal sector
From innovations in gluten-free, fat replacement and fiber, to fast-paced, flexible line and packaging developments, BakeryandSnacks’ 2014 editorial calendar of special editions covers hot button topics impacting the global bakery, snack and cereal sector.

The calendar

FEBRUARY – Gluten-free

MARCH – Flexible bakery and snack production

MAY – Closing the fiber gap

OCTOBER – Smart packaging

NOVEMBER – Tasty fat replacement


Delving into the 2014 special editions

February 27, 2014: Gluten-free - How has the market progressed and what’s ahead?

Science and innovation continue to shape the gluten-free bakery market, driven by consumer demands – including those without gluten sensitivity. Bakers have responded with a flurry of gluten-free variants and many have NPD in the pipeline. But what strategy should industry take? Where are the opportunities and gaps in this lively segment?

This special edition will explore gluten-free innovations, how ingredients suppliers and manufacturers are responding, what consumers really want and the mid to long-term potential and opportunities of the global market.

March 27, 2014: Flexible bakery and snack production – why so crucial?

Bakery and snack manufacturers are under increasing pressure to innovate, battle on price and respond to consumer demands quickly. To do this, they need flexible production that enables them to change lines and formats quickly and transform products and packaging.

This special edition examines processing innovations for the bakery and snack fields that have been designed with flexibility in mind. It will track some of latest, smartest designs in the sector and also some of the drivers behind this – what are the demands from retailers and consumers pushing the need for more flexible production?

May 15, 2014: Closing the fiber gap

Consumers worldwide are struggling to get enough fiber in their diet – a deficit that could be solved with clever ingredient innovations. Bakers, snack makers and cereal firms have all been working hard to up the fiber content in their foods – and the ingredients are becoming more interesting.

From the traditional wholegrains and oats right through to soy and pea, ingredients suppliers have a wealth of opportunity to develop highly fibrous formulations for manufacturers looking to close the fiber gap worldwide.

This special edition will cover what high-fiber ingredients are out there and look at some of the most popular choices, along with the new and innovative. It will also delve into what some of the formulation implications are when using fiber – particularly in working on taste and color.

October 9, 2014: Smarter packaging for busier consumers

Bakery, snack and cereal manufacturers are working hard to cater to on-the-go consumers who are pressed for time but not willing to compromise on their favorite foods. Easy-open, single-serve and re-sealable packs are just some of the smart packaging options out there. But are there new opportunities? And how should packaging suppliers cater to this trend?

This special edition will cover some of the latest packaging formats available and some of the designs on the drawing board. It will investigate the mind-set of increasingly demanding consumers to decipher what is wanted and needed when it comes to smart packaging.

November 13, 2014: Tasty fat replacement

Consumers want snacks and baked goods that taste good but have less fat. There is a huge push for healthier variants, but manufacturers are up against it when removing key taste-giving fats.

Ingredients firms have worked hard to innovate and develop fat replacers that have the same structural functions in a formulation, but also the familiar taste of true fat ingredients.

This special edition will examine the ingredients market for fat replacement in snacks and baked goods – looking at what’s available and in the pipeline. It will investigate the challenges facing manufacturers when working to meet the taste expectations of consumers and where the market potential is.

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