Novozymes plugs bread freshness with new enzymes

By Kacey Culliney

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Novozymes' two new bread improvers tackle moistness perception
Novozymes' two new bread improvers tackle moistness perception

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Novozymes has developed two new enzymes for bread freshness, drawing on knowledge that consumers want more than just longevity, its global marketing director says.

The enzyme specialist has developed two new enzymes that improve freshness in bread – Sensea and Novamyl 3D. The two amylase-based products have been created using patented technologies and can be used independently or together in white sandwich bread or burger buns. Testing has also proved successful in US whole grain bread types.

Sensea works to immediately improve the perception of freshness in bread by breaking down the starch structure to increase moistness and softness, whereas Novamyl 3D is a maltogenic amylase that slows down starch retrogradation to delay bread hardening.

“In 2011, we did a large consumer survey [over 4,000] to understand what bread consumers think about freshness – and dryness in bread was really a key parameter that came out,”​ said Jesper Laursen, global marketing director at Novozymes.

“Consumer requirements keep expanding. If you’re a consumer buying sandwich bread, after a few days you may consider it not to be good enough. It might be that it’s still soft, it still has elasticity but you want it not to be dry and boring to eat. For us, that is what both of these launches center around – the taste aspect of freshness,”​ he told

Moisture perception and resilience changes

Sensea works immediately in the bread to reduce resilience (bread bounce back) and increase moisture perception.

“The main benefits are that it impacts the overall texture – giving more tenderness, a moist mouthfeel and a melt in the mouth perception,”​ explained business development manager for Novozymes Baking Martyna Wojnarowska.

“It changes the quality of the bread from the very first day,”​ she said.

Novamyl 3D on the other hand simply extends the natural freshness of a bread product, much like standard Novamyl, said Laursen.

However, the added dimension is the moistness, he said. “Our old Novamyl solution prevented bread going hard. This solution does that but it also addresses the dryness we could see.”

Using in formulations

Both bread improvers can be integrated into breads and bun formulations ahead of mixing. However, Wojnarowska said that for Sensea, technical knowledge was required.

“Sensea is not a plug and place solution – it requires quite good technical support because you have to adjust the dosage depending on what is already in the recipe, what the mixing time is and the proofing time,”​ she said.

The ideal dosage is between 20-75ppm (parts per million), she said, but each formulation would differ.

“If you put more in, the texture will be moister. But there is also a limitation – you don’t want the bread to be too gummy, so it’s a balance.”

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