Stevia cake can match sugar equivalent with right additions, say researchers

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Stevia cake can match sugar equivalent with right additions, say researchers
Researchers claim to have found a stevioside cake formulation with comparable quality to a sugar-based preparation

Replacing sugar with stevioside, a form of steviol glycosides (stevia), can produce similar quality when liquid sorbitol, xathan and polysorbate-60 (PS-60) are added to the mix. The nutritional properties of the cake can be further boosted by adding debittered fenugreek seed powder (DKSH).

The findings from G.Manisha et al. ​were published in the Food Hydrocolloids journal.

Impact of sugar loss

Sugar helps the incorporation of air cells and provides strong grain structure, flavour and texture.

“Therefore the reduction of sucrose levels in a cake system affects structural and sensory properties,” ​said the researchers.

They said that the demand for sugar-free products was “rising day by day,” ​and the approval of steviol glycosides as a novel food in the EU and India presented an opportunity for manufacturers.


The study first compared the quality of a cake with stevioside and liquid sorbitol (SO) to a cake containing sugar. Different hydrocolloids and emulisifers were tested to achieve optimal quality.

Next, the researchers attempted to improve the cake system of the stevioside and liquid sorbitol formulation by adding fenugreek seed powder.

Fenugreek seed flour is said to be a rich source of dietary fibre with hypoglycaemic properties.

Optimal mix

The stevioside cake included SO, margarine, baking powder and pineapple and vanilla essence. Xathan was found to be the most effective hydrocolloid addition over gum Arabic, carrageenan and carboxymethylcellulose, while the preferred emulsifier was said to be PS-60.

The researchers examined the rheology, batter properties and cake texture of samples with 0.5%, 0.75% and 1% stevioside.    

Stevioside at 0.75% was said to give the equivalent sweetness to cake with sugar.

Adding fenugreek seed powder at 10% was said to boost the dietary fibre of the formulation without impacting texture or taste.


Food Hydrocolloids 29 (2012) 363-373
‘Studies on interaction between stevioside, liquid sorbitol, hydrocolloids and emulsifiers for replacement of sugar in cakes’
Authors: G. Manisha, C. Soumya, D. Indrani

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