Healthier coating system reduces oil 50% while retaining taste, claims JBT

By Oliver Nieburg

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JBT claims the system can coat chicken, vegetables and fish fillets with reduced oil
JBT claims the system can coat chicken, vegetables and fish fillets with reduced oil

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JBT Food Tech has launched a dry-fry system for coated products that it claims can reduce oil-pick up by up to 50% compared to standard coating machines while maintaining flavour and appearance.

Nigel Brunyee, JBT systems manager, told that the system would eliminate the need for pre-frying.

This would produce no time saving, he explained, but would mean a fryer, costing upwards of £200,000 was not required. Savings could also be achieved from the many litres of oil required to run the fryer.

“Because there is no pre-frying stage, the oil is much fresher. This provides a much cleaner taste and better texture,”​ he said.

“We also believe that up to a 50% reduction in oil pick-up is the maximum desired, as anything more would be detrimental to taste,”​ he continued.

Asked whether a 50% reduction would impact product appearance, Brunyee said that inexpensive colour accelerants could be added to give browning to produce a product on par with one cooked in ample oil.

However, he said the system would cost slightly more than a conventional coating machine.


Brunyee claimed that other firms with impingement ovens did not control air flow in the same way as JBT’s system.

He said that independent fans in JBT’s system were present on either side of the product as well as above and below to provide an even distribution of heat at temperatures up to 280°C.

This allows manufacturers to make a product that is darker or lighter on any side, he said.

The system

The system combines three JBT technologies: the Stein V Breading Line, the Double D Revoband Continuous Protein Oven and the Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT Spiral Freezer.

Processors can control the amount of vegetable oil to achieve the desired flavour and texture and can introduce different oils and herbs for new tastes, added Brunyee.

The system is available worldwide.

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