UK shortbread firm Paterson Aran launches braille packs

By Oliver Nieburg

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Source: Flickr
Source: Flickr
Introducing braille to food packaging is inexpensive and caters to consumer needs, according to a company claiming to be the first UK biscuit manufacturer to launch braille labels.

UK shortbread manufacturer Paterson Arran recently introduced braille product descriptions and nutritional labelling on some of its product ranges and plans to include braille on all of its new cartons in future.


Paterson Arran marketing manager Amy Coles told“It doesn't seem as if there are any other biscuit manufacturers in the UK putting braille onto their packs.”

“It is not an extremely expensive feature to roll out but has a lot of meaning to anyone who is blind or partially sighted.”

Coles pointed to news from the retail sector to stress how braille labels had been pushed into the spotlight.

In September last year, UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s became the first supermarket to introduce braille signage for food aisles at a store in Woolton, Liverpool.

Consumer demand

Fazilet Haidi, Royal National Institute of Blind People’s (RNIB) group director of Inclusive Society said: “Anything that improves the labelling of food, in braille or clear print, will benefit the UK's two million consumers living with serious sight loss. We hope that other food manufacturers will follow suit."

“Going food shopping can be fraught with difficulties for blind and partially sighted consumers; from getting around the store to selecting and purchasing goods.

RNIB welcomes the move from Paterson Arran to include braille on their packaging, as blind and partially sighted consumers should be supported to shop independently.”

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