Ultrasonic clean for baking tins can cut lifetime costs – Caresonic

By Oliver Nieburg

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Photo credit: Caresonic
Photo credit: Caresonic
Ultrasonic cleaning machines for baking tins can produce better results faster and reduce long-term costs compared to high spray washing, according to UK based technology firm Caresonic.

The company has launched a range of ultrasonic machines for bakery and snacks manufacturers that combines ultrasonics and agitation to lift food particles from baking tins.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a process whereby high frequency waves are transmitted through water at 30,000 cycles a second which causes a process of cavitation that forces the water apart. This creates heat and vibrations which help to take off particles of dirt.

Deep clean

Andrew Taylor, operations director at Caresonic told FoodProductionDaily.com: “It penetrates deeply and makes the cleaning cycle a lot quicker.”

Caresonic are not the only ones to use an ultrasonic and agitation combination, but have patented a type of ultrasonic that Taylor said was “very powerful and penetrative”.

He said the only other option for cleaning baking tins was ineffective.

“A high spray wash can damage the items you want to clean and some parts aren’t accessible for the jets. Ultrasonic ensures an overall clean,”​ he said.

Caresonic has been supplying ultrasonic machines for a number of years, but the new range developed this year has seen some improvements, according to Taylor.

“They don’t breakdown with the same frequency and there is more power on input,”​ he said.

He added that the machines now had no gaps between the chassis and frame where food can be caught.


When Caresonic was contacted the company was in the process of installing an ultrasonic machine for a major UK crisp manufacturer.

“There is the potential that it will save a lot of time and money and raise standards of cleanliness. It is a technically better solution to the problems the company had,”​ said Taylor.

“Machines are customised for particular requirements and are designed to fit into the space the customer has,” he continued.

Cost and availability

He said Caresonic machines were probably more expensive on initial costs by around 20%, but lifetime costs would be lower.

According to Taylor, food manufacturers could make savings in maintenance and running costs by around 10-20% on jet solutions as ultrasonic uses more dilute chemicals.

He said that his company’s machines had greater longevity than Caresonic’s competitors and many tanks manufactured by the firm were still working after 20 years in the field.

The machines are available worldwide and can be used to clean any baking tin, said Taylor.

He added that 60-70% of the company’s machines went abroad and that they had supplied to customers in Asia, South America, Africa and Europe.

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