Retrofitted parts kits boost bakery shredder work rates

By Mike Stones

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Significantly improved work rates are claimed to result from retrofitting new parts kits to shredders operated in the bakery sector, according to US food processing machine manufacturer, Urschel.

The parts kits designed for the company’s Model CC-D Shredder feature wider diameter discharge shoots which increases the size of the enclosure surrounding the cutting zone. “With the wider discharge and longer horizontal housing, the shredded products can always freely flow out of the machine. The benefits are an uninterrupted production at very high capacities,​” a spokesperson told

With these machines for the bakery industry there is no down time what so ever any more, except for changing knives​,” she added. “Machines run 24/7. Capacity depends on the application but is generally higher than with any other machine.”

Bakery applications include slicing and granulating of nuts. A standard application is the slicing of almonds. The company also makes special granulating machines for the nut industry.

The shredder is also claimed to be the only machine used to make crisps in any form and quantity.

Extended gearbox

The new parts kits feature a choice of either 66cms (26 inches) or 81cms (32 inches) diameter discharge chute. The enlarged chutes require a new extended gearbox and a choice of a funnel feed hopper with or without crank style opening. The later is said to be an operator friendly way to open the cutting enclosure for cleaning and changing shredding heads

So, in addition to improving throughput, the larger enclosure promotes a smoother product flow with a larger discharge area which lessens down time by reducing build up problems, said the spokesperson.

In addition to bakery applications, the shredder can also be used to shred meat and vegetables such as carrots and celeriac. It was originally designed to shred cheese.

Easily interchangeable cutting heads enable quick switchover of heads. And specially-designed throwaway knives are inexpensive to replace and do not require sharpening.

Cutting machines are the most important machines in a processing line​,” said the spokesperson. “They make the appearance of the product, they determine the capacity of the line and they are the most important machines looking at quality and yield. So, for a small investment the customer can grade up the processing line considerably​.”

Cutting equipment

Tim O'Brien, sales vice president added: “This new development is something existing CC-D owners should definitely evaluate. The CC-D is the standard in the industry, and Urschel prides itself, not only on developing new food cutting equipment, but also improving on existing Urschel designs​.”

The kits are available worldwide.

Prices depends on kit specifications.

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