New coating systems aimed at cost wary bakers

By Guy Montague-Jones

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Sono-Tek has developed ultra-sonic coating systems targeted at baked goods manufacturers keen to minimise wastage and cut costs.

One potential use of the technology is depanning, the removal of food from a pan. With this application in mind, Sono-Tek developed the SonoCoat PAN system for a global baked goods company.

Cost cutting claims

The liquid spray specialist claims the system has an estimated return on investment (ROI) of less than 6 months, savings 45 per cent of the depanning oil previously used in the baking process at its customer’s plants.


SonoCoat PAN uses SonoTec’s patented nozzle systems, based on high-frequency sound waves, which create atomised spray patterns capable of unlimited widths and median drop sizes as low as 18 microns.

Compared to traditional systems, SonoTec claims its systems offer better transfer efficiency with less bounce back of liquid from the target and a more controllable, uniform coating application of nano to micron thickness levels. In addition, the company claims its systems offer tight drop distribution, which helps deliver coating uniformity and minimise maintenance requirements.

Overall, SonoTec says the sum of all these points is “significant economic value to the baked goods industry.”

Additional applications

Within the bakery sphere, SonoTec’s spray coating systems are not just suitable for depanning. The company recently sold an edible oil spray coating system to Mesa Foods and it is now working on additional applications, including spray coating of antimicrobial solutions and moisture barriers for safety and shelf life extension.

SonoTec said it is also developing and testing ultrasonic spray coating of eggwash and glazes for added shine and decoration.

These spray coating systems for the food industry are based on technology applied to various applications across industries over the past 30 years, including coating medical devices and spraying flux on printed circuit board assemblies.

One of its coating systems is even being used to produce portable toxic gas sensing equipment capable of detecting a variety of chemical warfare agents.

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