Tiny temperature logger opens up more ways of collecting data

By Ahmed ElAmin

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A submersible, high temperature data logger is small enough to fit
inside glass bottles, jars and food packs.

UK-based Signatrol believes that its SL53 logger, which is not much bigger than a watch battery, will open up new avenues for food processors to keep track of temperature in ways previously not possible because of size, temperature range and sealing constraints.

The SL53 can be used to log temperatures during vinegar distillation, cutlery washing, jam making, ready meal preparation and chocolate manufacture, the company stated.

The SL53 is made of stainless steel. It has a temperature measuring range from 0°C to 125°C and can operate continually at depths up to one metre. Sampling rates can be set from one second to twenty-four hours. The built-in battery can power the logger for up to 10 years or one million readings, depending on how much it is used, Signatrol stated.

The unit has the capacity to store up to 4,000 temperature readings in high resolution mode or 8,000 in low resolution. It has an accuracy of better than 0.5°C over a 50°C range, Signatrol claims.

A delayed start feature allows the unit to be programmed to begin logging anytime within 45 days. This allows the logger to be programmed to begin with a particular process or transport schedule.

It can also be set to start logging when triggered by an event, for instance, when a particular temperature threshold is exceeded.

Once registered, the temperature data can be stored and retrieved at a later time for display in graphical format. Set up and data down-load is achieved through a button reader, which connects to computer.

The reader is compatible with Signatrol's TempIT-lite operating software which can be downloaded free of charge form their web site. The software can be up-graded for a price to TempIT-Pro, which provides additional features such as data table, export data, email graphs, snap to trace, and automated mean kinetic temperature calculations.

Each SL53 unit has the capability of storing specific manifest details and features a unique serial number etched into the base, allowing it to be traced to a particular item or consignment.

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