Taking temperatures with self-adhesive labels

By Ahmed ElAmin

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Self-adhesive temperature labels can help food processors ensure
that their products remain under optimal conditions in the factory
and throughout the supply chain.

Dwyer Instruments says its KS Temperature Labels can be used for monitoring the surfaces of products and as an indication of changes that occured. Two versions of the labels are available.

The irreversible temperature labels permanently change colour, indicating the maximum temperature achieved. These can be used for verifying temperature-specific operations such as climateindication during storage and transit.

The reversible temperature labels are reusable. They monitor current temperature status with labels constructed from non-toxic thermo chromic liquid crystals. The crystals change color astemperatures increase or decrease.

The KS Temperature Labels are self adhesive and resistant to oils, water and steam. They can be used to monitor food storage areas, pipes, transportation climate control, equipment monitoring andfor other uses.

They are available in a variety of temperature points and sizes.

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