New dicer adds crinkle to fruits and vegetables

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Urschel's has released a new dicer for fruits and vegetables and
added a deeper crinkle cut feature to its existing Quanticut

The new machine, the DiversaCut 2110, can uniformly dice, strip cut and slice a wide variety of products at high production capacities including potatoes, tomatoes, bread, carrots, turnips,rutabagas, celery, pineapple, preformed boneless roasts, petfood emulsions and sugar beets. This dicer accepts products of up to 10in (254mm) in any dimension.

By removing the crosscut spindle and the circular knife spindle, the machine can also make flat and crinkle slices from 1/16in to 1in (1.6mm to 25.4mm)

It can make flat and crinkle strip cuts in a wide variety of widths by removing either the crosscut knife spindle or the circular knife spindle.

A slicing knife, circular knife spindle and crosscut knife spindle are used for dicing. Users can change the dice size by using the required cutting spindles and adjusting the slice thickness.

The company this week also announced it had added a deep crinkle cut feature to its Quanticut Dicer. The new cut offers a crinkle with a depth of about one and half times that of a standardcrinkle. The QuantiCut accepts product of up to 10" (254mm) in any dimension.

The machine has a high capacity output of a full range of dices, strip cuts and slices. It has stainless steel contact parts with hinged and sliding access panels to promote sanitation.

The machine includes a patented crosscut spindle changing tool and a patented circular spindle changing tool, which enable one person to change parts without assistance.

In other news Urschel Laboratories said it is doubling the space at its free test cutting facility in Valparaiso, Indiana due to a higher demand from customers.

The company​ will spend $950,000 to construct an additional 5,000 sq. ft. (1,500 sq. m) of test space at the current test facility in Valparaiso,which serves as the company's headquarters.

Urschel allows customers to test their products on the company's for free and with no-obligations at its 13 test facilities worldwide. Urschel will also use the new space for ongoing research anddevelopment of its cutting machines.

Urschel expects the construction in Valparaiso to be completed by early fall this year. Urschel is a family-owned company that manufactures food cutting equipment including commercial potato chipslicers, cheese shredders, fruit dicers, french fry cutters, meat dicers, peanut butter mills, poultry dicers and lettuce shredders.

The company currently offers 40 types of cutting machine models. The other testing facilities are located in the UK, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, Greece,Singapore, Japan, Thailand and China.

The DiversaCut 2110

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