DynaCon updates modular conveyor

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Dynamic Conveyor (DynaCon) has updated its modular conveyor system
with snap-in attachments and a range of accessory devices.

The system allow plant managers to change speeds on-the-fly and roll the conveyor to various locations in the plant. The system is suited for light- and medium-duty manufacturing conditions,capable of handling objects weighing from five-10 lbs.

The modules are constructed of high-impact plastic assembled through interlocking sectional units. The modules include belts, sides, legs, motors and accessories. Self-tracking belts are availablein ten styles ranging from 4-inch to 60-inch widths. The standard modules measure about 18 inches in length.

"The selection of DynaCon components and accessories enables manufacturers to adapt to a variety of changing situations and challenging ones, such as detecting mishaps on the conveyor line,cushioning the impact of items that must drop on the belt and accommodating a tote stacking system,"DynaCon​ said in a statement.

Plants can obtain optional features such as drive flights of 1-, 2- and 3-inch heights, flanges to extend side retaining walls, adjustable leg sets to control conveyor height, and leg sets withcasters to facilitate wheeling the conveyors away from work cells or to other plant locations.

DynaCon conveyors, with the exception of the drive module, can be completely submerged in water, because they are made from plastic and aluminum with stainless steel fasteners. The module'svariable speed drive can be used to slow conveyor speed so that even extremely hot parts can be cooled in a standard bath module, the company said.

The accessories include feed shields that prevent parts from deflecting off the conveyor, drop-zone reinforcement modules, electrical components, electronic eyes, metal detection equipment andcontrols for indexing, reversing, cutting conveyor power and piece counting.

A cooling tunnel module, made of rigid Lexan-polycarbonate covers, fits n either top or bottom of a standard DynaCon conveyor module. It allows users to cool parts without a water bath. Cold air ispiped into the tunnel from beneath the conveyor module through a hose attached to an in-house forced air cooling system (up to 18,000 BTU/hr).

The cooling tunnel can drop the temperature of the products from 200° F to room temperature in a very short period. DynaCon claims.

The covers can also be used for cleanroom applications and a variety of sterile/medical applications. Lexan covers prevent contamination from coming in contact with the product on the conveyor andcan be used in Class 10,000 cleanrooms. Brushless conveyor motors have virtually no emissions and the conveyor belts need no lubrication and are contaminant-free.

The water bath tank accessory is a 14-gauge stainless steel tank with a built-in cooling element that integrates directly into the standard-size conveyor system. The module provides for water bathand washdown applications, and is used in the plastics industry to cool hot articles as they exit injection-molding machines onto a conveyor system.

A box filling system can reduce manual labour and error, DynaCon said. Using a supplied electrical signal, the box filling system counts the number of pieces going into each box. When thedesignated count is reached, the feeder conveyor is automatically stopped, a new box is moved into position and feeding resumes.

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