Packaging breakthrough promises to replace foil

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A new, technologically advanced heat-sealable metallised OPP film,
designed to replace the foil and sealant in traditional
paper-polyethylene-foil-polyethylene (PPFP) structures, has been

US firm Toray Plastics's next generation Torayfan PCFS, made with a proprietary blend of polymers, has been designed to save converters time and money by eliminating the sealant extrusion coating step in the converting process.

PCFS is claimed to offer high barrier durability, whereas foil easily succumbs to pin holing. Pin holing is a greater risk today as converters try to save money by using even thinner foil.

The new metallised OPP film has a low shear storage modulus (viscosity of the molten resin) that provides increased flow-ability and improved hermetic seals. Toray also claims that PCFS has exceptional moisture and oxygen barrier durability, as well as improved economics over traditional foil and sealant combinations.

Torayfan PCFS is being marketed as brand-building packaging material for packet and stand-up pouch applications, including hot cocoa, seasoning, soup, rice, croutons, stuffing and dried cheese.

"Converters and food manufacturers depend on new packaging technology to keep them a step ahead of the competition,"​ said Chris Voght, product manager, Torayfan Division.

"PCFS offers significant advantages by outperforming standard OPP and foil and delivering a heat-sealable, cost-effective, aesthetically appealing flexible package that has exceptional barrier durability."

The PCFS unique, heat-activated sealant has a low seal initiation temperature and improved hermeticity versus sealants typically used in BOPP films. During the heat sealing process, PCFS exhibits a unique "caulking" ability to flow into corners and channels and around small particles in the seal.

This eliminates the need for a polyethylene sealant in traditional PPFP structures, saving converters time and money in the converting process.

PCFS also taps into the trend towards using packaging as a means of adding value to a product. The material exhibits good stiffness, puncture resistance, and improved dead-fold properties. These physical attributes can help achieve a value-added, eye-catching appearance by preventing the "shop worn" look that typically occurs when handling packages made with foil.

This general trend has been identified by Tim Greenhalgh, managing creative director of UK-based design firm Fitch, who claims that packaging has become the key brand communication tool. He said that because consumers think there is very little difference in the marketplace, companies have to find new and innovative ways of differentiating their products in a crowded marketplace.

Toray Plastics​ is a manufacturer of polyester and polypropylene films for flexible and rigid packaging, magnetic, industrial and capacitor applications. The company is a subsidiary of Toray Industries, whose annual sales exceed $9 billion.

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