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US-based Toray Plastics has announced the global launch of its new
LumiLid heat-seal lidding line.

Toray Plastics has announced the introduction of its new LumiLid heat-seal lidding product line.

The LumiLid is said to provide a strong but peelable seal with superior adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. Aimed at cap lining for dairy, refrigerated/frozen entree, pharmaceutical, dry and wet snack, dessert/fruit cup and industrial-sized applications, the lid has been given an international launch onto the North American, European and South American markets.

"Now more than ever, consumers demand high-quality seals to ensure product freshness and security,"​ explained Mike Fatica, technical manager at Toray Plastics. "A crisp, strong hermetic seal tells the consumer that their product is fresh and has not been tampered with, thereby enhancing consumer confidence and product appeal."

Toray Plastics claims that its LumiLid offers several key advantages to packagers and converters. This includes the ability to provide superior adhesion for consistent, high-quality lidding. Even typically hard-to-seal applications like uneven tray tops and containers with pleated corners are said to be easily sealed using the lid's technologically advanced, thick composition. The lid has been designed to provide flexible seal strength depending on the needs of each particular application.

The lid also provides a number of branding opportunities. Its adhesion without the use of a solvent coating process means it is not only more environmentally friendly, it also protects brand appeal by ensuring that delicate flavours will not be altered by residual solvent. Furthermore it is also said to offers exceptional clarity and optical performance, which further enhances brand appeal.

Based in the US, Toray Plastics​ is a leading manufacturer of polyester and polypropylene films for magnetic, industrial and capacitor applications, as well as flexible and rigid packaging. The company is a subsidiary of Toray Industries, the world leader in synthetic fibres and textiles, carbon fibres, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and high performance films. Annual sales exceed $9 billion.

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