Vtt Technical Research Centre Of Finland

Nestlé Research Centre

Nestlé to join AIPIA Advisory Board

By Jenny Eagle

The Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA) and its new president Dick de Koning of PACKZ, has made changes to its Advisory Board.

VTT develops bio-based 3-layer film for MAP

Special Edition: Shelf Life

VTT develops bio-based 3-layer film for MAP

By Jenny Eagle

VTT the Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a bio-based 3-layer film for MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) applications and is looking for industrial partners and collaborators for commercializing the technology.

Oxygen-active packaging

Oxygen-active packaging

Packaging that reacts to its environment could help food
manufacturers preserve food for longer and help consumers to
recognise when a particular product has reached its sell-by date.
This, says one industry expert, is the future...


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