Potato Chips

Move over potato chips...consumers want veggie chips, hummus and now seaweed, say manufacturers

'There’s going to be little tweaks in the direction of better-for-you because it isn’t just a niche group like granola people, it’s everybody'

Trendy snacks: Will seaweed, hummus and cassava spell the death of the potato chip?

By Kacey Culliney

The alternative chip craze has exploded with a flurry of root veg and plant products on shelf, but can they compete with or even kill off the infamous potato chip?

The judge dismissed claims made against Kettle over its 'reduced fat' messaging because the complainant failed to prove what statements he had relied on ahead of purchase

Kettle’s ‘reduced fat’ chip lawsuit to continue

By Kacey Culliney

Diamond Foods has been granted partial dismissal on claims made against its use of ‘reduced fat’ messaging on Kettle chips, but the complainant has been given time to amend his case.

Method could cut crisps surface oil content by 81%

Less oily crisps? US researchers claim to have it nailed down

By Jane Byrne

Researchers have hit upon a way of modifying the production of potato chips (crips) to ensure a reduction of the amount of oil in the final product, which is good news for a snack industry focused on improving the health profile of their products.

School snacks banned in Russia

School snacks banned in Russia

By staff reporter

Snacks including sweets and potato chips will not be sold in school
canteens throughout Russia from September of this year, under a new
initiative announced by the country's chief sanitary doctor,
Gennady Onischenko.