Plastic Recycling

Too much of the reusable bread baskets and dollies is sucked into unecessary plastic recycling. Pic: Bakers Basco

Global Recycling Day

Bakers Basco shines a light on ‘the dark side’ of plastic recycling

By Gill Hyslop

To mark Global Recycling Day 2021 (18 March), Bakers Basco has revealed the results of a YouGov survey to uncover what the UK public thinks of the recycling of products designed to be used multiple times rather than being disposed of after a single use.

James Johnson of PTi talks plastics with FPD

Exclusive interview with retiring plastics industry expert

Constant innovation key to industry leadership, says plastics veteran

By Joe Whitworth

James Johnson has told that the key to staying at the top of the plastics industry is to “keep innovating”, especially when it comes to the engineering of equipment.