Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Bars 4.0: the bar of the future. Photo: Bosch.

The future of bars is functional

By Josua Schwab

‘Healthy snacks, including a wide range of bars, are flying off the shelves. As a consequence of functional ingredients, snack bars are being revamped as version 2.0.

Bob Fritz


tna: How to improve efficiency through OEE

By Bob Fritz

‘Although many people are starting to speak about a global financial recovery, we’re still in the midst of a unique period for the world economy. High volume food producers are continually under pressure – costs are still rising while selling prices are...

Bosch Packaging boosts packaging machinery performance

Dispatches from Emballage 2012

Gemini 4 system boosts performance for Bosch

By Rod Addy

Bosch Packaging Technology's new Gemini 4 robot control system for packaging machinery could boost performance and increase production efficiency, according to the firm.