Gluten-Free Diet

The Black Farmer

Facebook campaign to choose 100 people for gluten-free product

How to get your face on a pack of sausages

By Jenny Eagle

A former BBC director who owns The Black Farmer, a gluten free brand known for its pork sausages, has launched a special edition Pork, Bramley Apple & Cider pack dedicated to its fan-base this month.  

Producers like Enjoy Life, which specializes in foods free from the most common allergens, are impacted by increasing consumer desire to avoid particular ingredients.

Consumers demanding more ‘free’ foods

By Jenni Spinner

Food processing and packaging firms are increasingly impacted by consumers’ desire to avoid gluten, dairy, soy, and other ingredients, according to Packaged Facts.

If gluten-free bakery moves into mainstream retail space, careful considerations must be made, warn experts

Special Edition: Gluten-free

Riches in niches? The retail future of gluten-free

By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn

Should manufacturers look to move gluten-free products into the retail mainstream or does the segment’s future lie in its niche positioning?

“People don’t decide on their own that they have diabetes and start giving themselves insulin shots; why do they diagnose themselves when it comes to gluten?

Special edition: Gluten-free

Four gluten-free myths debunked

By Maggie Hennessy

Few topics can spark a more spirited debate these days than gluten, and yet, as the Whole Grains Council/Oldways points out, misconceptions abound when it comes to gluten—especially within the larger scope of whole grains. 


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