Genetically Modified Food

Japan is awaiting further in-depth info on extent of GMO wheat in US before it opens imports

Japan calls for more GMO info before lifting US wheat ban

By Kacey Culliney

Japan will not lift its ban on US Western White wheat imports until the American government provides detailed information on the extent of unauthorized genetically modified wheat found in Oregon, a government official says.

GMO label requirements are being considered in Washington and Vermont.

Washington moves ahead with GMO label proposal

By Jenni Spinner

Following on the heels of California’s failed Proposition 37 drive, Washington’s state legislature is one step closer to voting on a ballot initiative that would require labels on biotech foods.

Photo Credit: Frito-Lay

Frito-Lay hit with lawsuit on all-natural claims

By Oliver Nieburg

PepsiCo’s snacks business Frito-Lay has been accused of misleading consumers by making all-natural claims on its products which also contain genetically modified corn and vegetable oils.

GM: A healthy debate

Weekly comment

GM: A healthy debate

The development of genetically modified crops to improve human
health could be the golden ticket for advocates to persuade the
wary public that GM is not a wholly nefarious idea after all. But
will a new, healthy spin be enough to...

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