Calcium Carbonate

Two categories are trending in baking right now, according to Lesaffre's Bill Hanes: pizza and sweet baked goods. Frozen pizza is one area that Delavau has focused plenty of attention. Pic: Getty Images/Adrian Black

A year with Lesaffre propels Delavau into ‘clear label’ future

By Kristine Sherred

The baking ingredients company has leveraged its food science expertise to complement its parent company’s commercial reach. We spoke to both companies at the International Baking Industry Expo (IBIE) about what’s trending in bakery, and it reaches beyond...

Mortadella cheese which the firm claim is 3 weeks old

Food packaging manufacturer set to get US plant

By Joe Whitworth

A developer of food packaging which it claims can extend the shelf life of a variety of products is planning to open a US manufacturing site to cope with expected demand.

UK scientists turning egg shells into plastic packaging

Project using egg shells to make plastic packaging

By Rory Harrington

UK researchers have unveiled prototype technology that recycles egg shells used in food processing into a filler to bulk up a raft of virgin and recycled plastics for packaging.