Valens Int. d.o.o.


Valens Int. is a global producer of innovative food ingredients designed to meet the challenges of demanding markets. Through our many creative solutions we support global companies with innovative ingredients and services to bring new products onto the market and achieve success. The company focuses on new successful solutions and aims to exceed the expectations of our partners. We create innovations with science-backed claims to help build or protect the consumer brands of our customers.


Valens develops advanced products, formulations and concepts to deliver natural source raw materials and ingredients for the pharma, foods, beverages and dietary supplements markets.


The company employs highly educated and experienced people with a science background and operates production sites and service centres in five countries. The markets Valens covers are all EU countries, along with most of Southern and Eastern Europe.


We have established excellent collaboration with academic and research institutions.


Valens Int. is owned by private equity funds and was established in 2005. Since it began it has enjoyed a growth rate of over 30% per year and, in that light, it is ranked one of the most successful small businesses.


Valens’ strategic research and development operations are aligned to meet our consumer’s demands. The company’s focus is to develop innovative solutions for the respective markets using a large share of natural, renewable raw materials and its expertise in nutrition and overall well-being. Our ingredients and formulations deliver a superior performance profile combined with outstanding application reliability and user safety.