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Sisterna is the world’s forerunner in the research and development of high-grade sucrose esters. It possesses a wide and long-term experience and maintains an intricate sales and promotion network in Europe. Sisterna distinguishes itself as a flexible partner that will help to find technical solutions in the development, improvement and process optimising of food products. From the Netherlands Sisterna presents the most up-to-date service in sales support and knowledge development.


Our technological edge and our detailed product know-how enables us to provide specific benefits which these natural sucrose esters offer in formulations. Furthermore, Sisterna has developed countless proven and innovative applications of these emulsifiers for the food and other industries. Our food technologists develop new applications and concepts and improve emulsification, texture and stability of products. The lab facilitates manufacture of today’s products and those of tomorrow.


Sucrose esters of fatty acids, commonly known as sucrose esters, are relatively new emulsifiers for the European market. Being based on sucrose, make sucrose esters a special type of emulsifiers. Sisterna® sucrose esters have unique characteristics which make them valuable food ingredients. Convince yourself of the multifaceted effect of sucrose esters, and then choose the best: Sisterna® sucrose esters.



Sisterna® sucrose esters main benefits

· High grade emulsifiers

· Wide HLB spectrum

· Neutral in taste, odour and colour

· Soluble in (cold) water

· Stable under UHT conditions

· Natural and renewable raw materials

· Kosher, Halal, non-GMO, vegetarian, trans fat free

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