Gold Peg International - Continuous Cooking Innovation and Performance

Gold Preg

Gold Peg​ specialize in the design and manufacture of Continuous Cooking & Processing systems using proprietary Direct Steam Injection technology – manufacturing benefits include improved productivity, quality and efficiency through long runs, precise control and small foot print.

The RotaTherm®​ Continuous Cooker​ has a flexible processing set up allowing for the optimization of the processing conditions. It is used for producing processed cheese​, purees, baby food​, chunky sauces, pet food & more​. Pasteurisation, UHT & Aseptic capable. Turn-key processing lines​ feature the RotaTherm®​ cooker complemented by ancillary equipment.

Gold Peg offer a complete processed cheese solution​ which includes Caseus Pro™ formulation software​ - the first to accurately measure the functionality of raw cheese - providing the ability to produce the lowest cost, consistent quality formulations every day.

The GPiCS: natural Mozzarella cooker stretcher​ is a complete stand-alone natural Mozzarella continuous cooking & processing system. Heating is by direct steam injection technology and it has no​ bath cook water. It has a totally enclosed hygienic design, with fast & full CIP and low shut down waste.

Gold Peg has internal strength ​in operational and food technology expertise that is integrated into their design and manufacture. Gold Peg strives to consistently deliver high level of quality, innovation and service to its global customers. Gold Peg invites you to contact them to discuss your project.

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