Buisman Ingredients B.V.

Buisman Ingredients B.V.

At Buisman Ingredients you will find the specialists in natural caramelised sugars. Buisman’s caramelised sugars can be of great value to bakery manufacturers. Next to a full, balanced taste and appetising, golden brown colour, the caramelised sugars are suitable for obtaining significant cost savings in bread. The powders are 100% pure caramelised sugar, so without a carrier, resulting in low dosages and a low cost in use.

Buisman’s caramelised sugars combine characteristic aroma profiles with a wide colour spectrum, delivering unique characteristics to:
• realise cost savings by replacing (a part of) malt extracts
• boost and balance the bread aroma
• give a warm auburn tone to the original crumb colour
• mask off notes e.g.. in gluten free bread
• enhance a nutty flavour in specialty breads

The Buisman Ingredients portfolio contains of a range of caramelised sugars that give different taste profiles. From neutral to more full, fresh and mild to sweet, roasted notes and extra body. A unique molasses caramelised sugar delivers a special effect by adding a warm, nutty aroma to bread.

Buisman’s caramelised sugars are applicable in a broad range of bread products, from off-white artisanal varieties to rustic dark multi-seed breads, gluten free products, rye bread as well as bread specialties filled with for example nuts or fruits.

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