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Clubmoss (source: Flickriver)

EU novel foods wrap: Clubmoss, omega-3 oils and zeaxanthin

The UK Food Standards Agency is assessing two novel food applications for clubmoss sporopollenin shell extracts and a novel omega-3 and omega-6 oil; while DSM is lauding the official EU recognition of nature-identical zeaxanthin.

The FAO has called for more diversified crop production

FAO urges greater use of ‘neglected’ grains

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has urged greater use of neglected traditional grains, saying that there is global overreliance on just a handful of staple foods.

NBTY acquires Balance Bar Company

NBTY acquires Balance Bar Company

By Hank Schultz

NBTY Inc. has announced the acquisition of Balance Bar Company from Brynwood Partners, its private equity owner. Details of the deal were not announced.

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