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Goodman Fielder sells biscuit business to Green’s Foods

Goodman Fielder sells biscuit business to Green’s Foods

By Ankush Chibber

Australian food major Goodman Fielder has announced that it has sold its biscuits business to Green’s Food Holdings, a move in line with its strategy over the last two years to streamline its product portfolio.

If trans fat regulation happened a decade ago, it would have been a 'game-changer', says Datamonitor's innovation insights director

Trans fat crackdown: ‘The ship has already sailed’


Trans fats have been discussed for nearly two decades rendering the FDA’s extended comment period trivial in the grand scheme of things, says the innovation insights director at Datamonitor Consumer.

Alberto Bauli

Food processing seasonal products: Pandoro Xmas cake

By Jenny Eagle

'Christmas and cakes: an Italian combo thanks to “pandoro”, the traditional Christmas cake which accompanies Italian consumers throughout the holidays together with the Milanese cake “panettone”.

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