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Palm oil-free may be emerging trend

Palm oil-free may be emerging trend

By Rod Addy

A shift towards palm oil-free foods and ingredients could be an emerging trend in Europe, according to market analysts.

Chocolate fat bloom creates an unappealing white film on the surface of chocolate. Photo credit: ESRF

Confectioners ask why chocolate chip cookies avoid fat bloom

By Oliver Nieburg

Chocolate chips in cookies are not blighted by the unappealing fat bloom experienced in conventional chocolate, but the industry is still at odds as to why after a study funded by the International Organization of Confectioners (PMCA) proved inconclusive.

Rice flour is just one of the ingredients GreenLite uses

Dispatches from Israel

GreenLite targets Europe with gluten free products

By Rod Addy

Israel's bakery firm GreenLite is taking its gluten free products to the European market for the first time later this year, premiering at trade show Sial.

Novozymes said its new xylanase is unique and will build business

No need to mix xylanases anymore, says Novozymes

By Kacey Culliney

Enzyme specialist Novozymes has developed a new bacteria-derived xylanase that it says is a predictable, cost-effective single-use product for baked goods that holds all the benefits achieved when traditionally using blends.

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