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We Sell Chia Seeds

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We Sell Chia Seeds

AgroBolivia is a Chia Supplier foremost for chia grown in Bolivia. We are a Novel Food Approved company for Chia Seeds and Organically certified by the Organic Federation. We would like to share the many benefits CHIA have to health and well being.  All our efforts are designed to support and meet the ever changing needs of our clients: from production, industrialisation and through to marketing we follow an ethical approach at every stage of the process.

We Sell Chia; from 25 kg bags to one metric tonne pallets or even 40' containers. We have always stock available and can dispatch at very short notice.

Our Chia grown in Bolivia are 100% natural and we select only the best for the European market. Our Premium chia has one of the highest Omega 3 content (64%), Protein (34%) and is an amazing product for sprinkling into your salad or your yogurt, your snacks or for baking. Please enjoy the information provided. We look forward hearing from you -

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