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Various Muffin Dreams with new options

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Different variations of Muffins – Highly Indulgent, Gluten free, Reduced Fat, made by Tate & Lyle Food Systems

Being more than a food stabiliser system supplier, we provide you profitable solutions in all areas of product development, production and marketing for a successful commercialisation of final products.

Highly indulgent Muffin:​ As the current financial situation worsens, food manufacturers are experiencing erosion of profitability. We are offering a concentrate which can address that downturn as its low dosage can significantly reduce recipe cost. In addition, the concentrate contributes to the moreish, indulgent mouth feel over shelf-life.

Gluten free Muffin:​ The “Free-from” market continues to grow and is predicted to gain pace in future. Gluten has an important role in cake, contributing to structure, texture and mouth feel. Our stabiliser systems have been designed to improve eating quality and also promote excellent shelf life based on gluten free cereals. Furthermore, our food systems are more cost efficient.

Reduced fat Muffin: ​Health continues to be one of the Mega trends in food with fat reduction playing an important part. Fat contributes to many key attributes such as mouth feel, flavour and texture. Removing this vital component is challenging.

Tate & Lyle’s food systems impart all the pleasure without the guilt. Lower levels down to 3% fat are possible. Today consumers will accept low fat alternatives provided taste and eating quality have not been compromised.

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