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Unbeatable consistency for breakfast flakes.

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Unbeatable consistency for breakfast flakes.

For consistently high-quality, traditional cereal products, Baker Perkins' rotary cooker is the first choice of major producers. This advanced and reliable cooker produces many of the world's leading brands. Many years of process experience are incorporated into the design of the cooker. The elegant double conical shape of the cooking vessel mixes ingredients such as wheat, bran, corn and rice thoroughly and ensures that the mass is exposed to the same cooking conditions. The automatic steam addition system, allowing steam to pass through the cooker from alternate ends, also contributes to uniform cooking. These features ensure that each batch is evenly cooked whilst a fully programmable automatic control system enables cooking conditions to be pre-set and accurately repeated, thus guaranteeing consistency form batch to batch. Operator intervention is minimal, which reduces cycle times and further improves consistency, and the equipment meets the highest international safety standards.

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