The rising challenge of clean label baking

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The rising challenge of clean label baking

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Addressing consumer trends versus product quality and process efficiency
Clean label bread represents a growing opportunity within Europe. 'Natural' claims have maintained their position as the most common claim made in bread launches over the last five years. In 2019, 'natural' claims appeared on 40% of all European bread and bread product launches, up from 35% in 2015. No additives/preservatives claims are the most common claim within the 'natural' category.1 The rising demand for clean label bread is characterized by drivers such as health, environment and improved food technology – where consumers appear to value shorter, more natural ingredient lists.
Mintel has researched consumer attitudes towards unwanted additives and ingredients within food and drink, and their evolving understanding of, and expectations from, clean label products. They also have the latest market data and best practice product examples to illustrate how clean label trends are evolving in the bakery space.
However, responding to the clean label trend poses various challenges to bakeries such as ingredient formulation, access to effective alternative strengthening solutions, and capitalizing on ingredient synergies. In addition, adapting to consumer demands without compromising product quality or processing efficiency is an ongoing challenge. The question is how to safeguard uniform bread volume, a fine crumb structure and initial softness - critical factors in retaining consumer loyalty to a bread brand. Ensuring the shock-stability of the dough is equally essential during production.
If you find yourself facing any of the above challenges, join this upcoming webinar where experts from Mintel and DuPont will walk you through the latest trends, market insights, but also trade-offs & options for cleaner label baking.
1 Source: Mintel GNPD

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