The Next Generation of Clean Label Functional Flours for Additive-Free Bakery Formulations

Format: External webinar | Document type: Webinar

The demand of European consumers for natural and additive-free products is higher than ever before.But removing additives from food is a big challenge because reformulation always has an impact on the characteristics of the end product.Imagine an entirely new generation of high functional wheat flour which will allow you to replace baking improvers such as emulsifiers and thickeners in your recipes.Let this webinar inspire you for the development of  additive free bakery products including sandwich bread, pizza or Danish pastry that do not compromise the sensory and technological products properties while providing the opportunity for “clean” ingredients labels.


Olga Schwemler Olga Schwemler Product manager Food
Kampffmeyer Food Innovation

Stefan Francke Stefan Francke Manager Product Development & Application
Kampffmeyer Food Innovation

Svenja Frank Svenja Frank Project Manager Marketing & Communications
Kampffmeyer Food Innovation

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