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Novamyl - A fresh-keeping enzyme

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Novamyl - A fresh-keeping enzyme

Fresh to the last slice
Novozymes presents: "The Art of Fresh-keeping"

Novozymes revolutionized the bread industry when we launched Novamyl in 1991. Before that bakers simply had to accept that bread would stale.

The first signs of freshness loss are crumb firming and a reduction in springiness. Novamyl uniquely preserves softness and resiliency to significantly delay this normal loss of eating quality. To this day no other fresh-keeping technology works nearly as well.

Novamyl has benefited bakers, retailers and consumers alike. Bakers soon realized that the enormous cost of "Stale Returns" could be greatly reduced by gaining several additional days of top bread quality that enabled more to be sold at normal retail prices instead of thrift store prices. As you can imagine, this revolutionary technology created tremendous value. It has been estimated that since Novamyl was launched 16 years ago its use has saved baking companies, around the world, over four billion dollars in stale return costs alone. Retailers received fewer complaints about stale bread and consumers enjoyed fresher tasting bread without having to discard part of a loaf. Novamyl keeps bread fresh to the last slice.

Not only does Novamyl preserve quality profitably, it is also easy to use and virtually risk free. Prior to its availability some bakers used a traditional alpha amylase to maintain softness but found that the slightest over-dosage could cause "gumminess" and did not preserve springiness. Baking temperatures did not always completely inactivate the traditional amylase so performance varied dramatically. Novamyl cannot be overdosed or cause any negative effects. Consistently great results are what "The Art of Fresh-keeping" is all about.

Novamyl not only contributes to the flexibility of bread, it also enables flexibility in production scheduling and distribution by creating several extra days of the highest eating quality bread for you to use as you wish. With Novamyl, you can expand your market with longer distribution routes, satisfy customer orders on down days, produce longer runs, and ensure freshness to the last slice for your most discerning customers. With no need to worry about overdosing you can safely use higher dosages of Novamyl to preserve softness and resiliency longer than you may have thought possible.

Only Novozymes brings you Novamyl and "The Art of Fresh-keeping".