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Going gluten-free? It’s easy with Ingredion

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Going gluten-free? It’s easy with Ingredion

The European gluten-free market is booming, with turnover expected to reach $1 billion by 2015. Meet growing consumer demand with the support of the Ingredion group of companies.

HOMECRAFT®​ Create GF 20 enables manufacturers to create bread and a vast range of other bakery products with premium tastes and textures that rival those of gluten-rich alternatives.

And that’s not all. Combining the best of National Starch and Corn Products, Ingredion has the technical expertise, market knowledge and consumer insights to ensure your products stand out from the crowd.

Great tasting bakery without the gluten? It’s possible with Ingredion and HOMECRAFT®​ Create GF 20:

  • Gluten-free functional flour based on tapioca and rice
  • Easy to use and versatile – suitable for bread, as well as cookies, muffins, cakes, pizza, tortillas and pastries
  • Enhances dough hydration and reduces baking losses
  • Gives good volume and crumb structure
  • Clean label declaration – a must in everyday products
  • Neutral taste profile
  • Ensures excellent product texture, with no sandiness, grittiness or crumbliness

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