Food Safety is Guaranteed for Norwegian Jam Producer

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Based at its Brumunddal plant, Nora has 50% of the market share in Norway and produces 25 tonnes of jam and marmalade per day, which is packaged in three different-sized glass containers and distributed throughout Norway.

Despite its popularity as a packaging material, glass poses a significant safety risk and the effects of glass-in-glass contamination (both injury to a consumer and the subsequent adverse publicity) can be highly damaging.

Featuring a unique x-ray beam configuration, consisting of one vertical and three horizontal beams, the GlassCheK Quad is capable of inspecting the same jar simultaneously from four different angles, reducing blind spots in the base, sidewalls and neck, and maximising the probability of detecting a wide range of foreign bodies, including glass, mineral stone, metal, calcified bone and high-density plastic, whatever the jar’s size or shape.

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