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Breakfast Cereals Toasted To Perfection

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Breakfast Cereals Toasted To Perfection

The new generation of Thermoglide toaster has been specifically designed for consistent, even processing of breakfast cereals and snacks. Baker Perkins' process knowledge has created a toaster that combines excellent toasting and efficient dust extraction in a compact and energy-efficient unit. The airflow has been designed to gently lift and tumble the product to ensure even toasting with minimum damage. Individual control of airflow, air temperature and conveyor speed ensure that precisely the right amount of blistering and colouring, along with the desired moisture content, are achieved. A rang of thoughtful features makes the Thermoglide an easy machine to clean and maintain whilst the low height and small footprint make it quick and easy to install - even where space is limited. High productivity and efficient operation are enhanced by independent control of temperature and airflow rates in two zones; a fully integrated plc control system; and a rapid heat-up rate. For further information, simply complete the form below.

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