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Biobake™ Optum

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Biobake™ Optum

New, Non-GMO Enzyme for the Bread Baking Industry Kerry Bio-Science announces the launch of Biobake™ Optum, a new, non-GMO enzyme specifically developed for the bread baking industry. This new product delivers multiple cost-effective functions such as optimal gluten development, improved bread volume and fermentation tolerance, and enhanced dough elasticity and firmness. Biobake™ Optum can now help you deliver consistent and affordable quality, volume, and appearance to your Consumers. Kerry Bio-Science is a leader in innovation and application of bio and functional ingredients such as Emulsifiers, Enzymes, Texture systems and Fermented ingredients for the baking industry. As a division of Kerry Group, a leading global ingredients business serving the requirements of food and beverage processors and foodservice companies worldwide, Kerry Bio-Science brings a number of important new technology platforms to the Group. With increasing focus by the global baking industry on key areas of health, nutrition and food safety, Kerry Bio-Science serves these needs with its current portfolio and applications expertise, while developing innovative solutions for the problems of tomorrow. Kerry Bio-Science has leading global positions in bio, functional, and pharma-ingredients, including nutritional proteins, emulsifiers, enzymes, yeast, Carrageenan, texture systems and fermented ingredients. Through these platforms, attributes of quality, nutrition, flavor, texture and shelf-life of food and beverages are enhanced to optimize your Consumers' eating experience.

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